Managed Hosting That Fits Your Needs

We Do The Management, So That You Can Focus On Your Business!

Package 1


2000 BDT

  • Space : 5GB
  • Bandwidth : 20GB
  • Domain : 1
  • Email : up to 20 Users
  • MySQL : 10
  • Sub Domain : 5

Package 3


5000 BDT

  • Space : 15GB
  • Bandwidth : 100GB
  • Domain : 5
  • Email : up to 100 Users
  • MySQL : 20
  • Sub Domain : 15

With Technobd's Managed Hosting Solutions, you can get exactly what your business requires - right performance, security, flexibility, 99.99% uptime and affordable price. With Managed Hosting, you get everything you need without having to troubleshoot, patch, monitor, backup or worry about the hardware and network. Our experts do all of that for you around the clock.

Key Features

Host with the Leading Domain Hosting Provider in Bangladesh | Technobd

Technobd provides the best dedicated hosting and domain hosting service in Bangladesh. We are very well known as the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh.

Our key features are 30 Mins Initial Support Response, Dedicated Phone Number to Shorten Authentication Process, Offsite Support through TeamViewer software, Premium Hosted Email, Free landing page, Professional weekly backup, High end server configuration, Guaranteed Uptime, Pro-active Monitoring, Dealing with your different service providers .All these key features are briefly described below.

30 Min Initial Support Response Time between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Unlike other service providers we do not offer false 24/7 support. But we offer dedicated support on every working day from 10 AM to 6:00 PM. During this time you are just a phone call away from our professional and dedicated support team. We will respond you with in 30 min of receiving support request. Surely it does not mean you will get support only between 10 AM – 6 PM; other than this mentioned time, our support team is available through online ticketing system.

Dedicated Phone Number to Shorten Authentication Process

A dedicated support phone number will be provided and your number will remain stored on that phone to shorten authentication process. Thus you will just call and state your problem; we will solve your problem quickly.

Offsite Support through TeamViewer software

Sometimes there is problem at your workstation related to email or website, but no one is available to help you. No problem, we are available. If require, we can check your pc to troubleshoot and solve the problem related to our services through TeamViewer software. TeamViewer is very professional software to work remotely.

Premium Hosted Email

Tecnobd's premium hosted email platform provides your business with powerful, secure, and reliable email with absolutely no maintenance on your end. Along with webmail, mobile email and pop mail you'll also enjoy premium protection against spam and viruses. Best of all, it allows you to access email from Outlook, BlackBerry, webmail, or any other email client on wireless device.

Free landing page:

Don't have any website yet? No problem, we will provide you a free landing page.

Professional weekly backup

Every content available at your webspace including database, emails, website etc will be backed up automatically on every Friday night. So that if anything goes wrong, we can role back to that state.

High end server configuration

It's a mandatory requirement to maintain high-end server configuration to provide superior service. We maintain very high-end server hardware to provide you professional hosting service.

Guaranteed Uptime

We offer you 99.99% network uptime gurantee.

Pro-active Monitoring

Without pro-active monitoring you cannot think of any professional managed hosting. So, every second we monitor all running services like web server, ftp server, mail server, dns server and firewall etc.

Dealing with your different service providers as you:

Web and email service is dependent on internet connectivity. Sometimes problems appear on that. You may need some expert hand to talk with them on your behalf. We will do that gladly.